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Oro WOW di RandyRun. Veloce, Sicuro e così conveniente!
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Fast and secure: WoW Gold from the Pros!

We’ll take your Gold order and forward it to one of our WoW Gold sellers directly after we receive the payment. We have connections to many WoW Gold sellers. Therefore, we will be able to offer a speedy delivery on all WoW servers.

It’s easy:

1. Choose your server and faction
2. Choose your delivery method
3. Enter your delivery details
4. Choose the amount of Gold you want

Tip: for a quick delivery of your Gold we recommend you choose an easy payment method, such as Paypal, that can be easily verified and processed for order delivery. With this payment method we receive the payment immediately and can start with the order right away

Delivery methods:

The delivery method you choose can also influence the speed at which the order is delivered. We suggest you choose the Auction house, the quickest method so far. If you order a big quantity, this can be delivered in chunks depending on availability. Good we can count on many reliable sellers! Small outstanding quantities can be delivered by Ingame Mail.

Auction House
  • Regarding Auction House delivery method orders, please put up your auctions in Stormwind or Orgrimmar!
  • Please make sure to put the item up for auction in the WoW Auction House even before you place your order
  • Only use epic items that you no longer need.
  • Minimum bid and buyout in the auction house: Ideally, you should have each item up for between 10k and 100k gold – never more than 100K gold per item!
  • All Auction House fees are paid by our suppliers
  • All items you put in the AH should be worth the amount of WoW Gold you ordered + about 6% auction fee!
  • Example: You order 200k WoW Gold but then put up for auction 3 items worth 71k gold each, so a total of 213k. That´s about 106% of 200k.
  • While placing your order, make sure to convey the name of the character putting up the items for auction. Also be sure to have used the correct, official WoW names of the items (copy and paste to be on the safe side) , which you put up one or more times for auction.
  • Auction Duration: 48 Hours.
Amountplus ~6%Items x Gold
25k 26.6k 1 x 26600
50k 53.2k 1 x 53200
75k 79.8k 1 x 79800
100k 106.4k 2 x 53200
150k 159.6k 2 x 79800
200k 212.8k 3 x 70900
250k 266.0k 3 x 88700
300k 319.2k 4 x 79800
400k 425.6k 5 x 85100
500k 532.0k 6 x 88700
600k 638.4k 7 x 91200
700k 744.8k 8 x 93100
800k 851.2k 9 x 94600
900k 957.6k 10 x 95800
1000k 1064.0k 11 x 96700

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Ulteriori informazioni
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